Scissor Lifts for rent in Dubai

Scissor lifts

For many different height-related building, installation, and maintenance operations, scissor lifts are essential. These lifts allow workers to reach higher regions for a variety of activities, such as installing a window and maintaining electrical fixtures, as well as ductwork, plasterboard, ceiling panels, and overhead sprinklers. They provide the best performance with safety on construction sites.

Scissor lifts for rent in UAE

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Scissor lifts with integrated lanyard anchor points give additional layer of security to the workers working at heights. Because of their low noise levels, they are also suitable for quiet work environments.


Applications of Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are widely utilized across numerous industries for their stability and lifting capabilities.

Here are some primary applications:

Warehousing and Logistics

In warehousing and logistics operations, scissor lifts are essential for inventory management, order picking, and shelf stocking. These lifts enable workers to access high shelves and storage areas safely, improving efficiency in inventory handling processes.

Construction and Renovation

In the construction industry, scissor lifts are indispensable for a wide range of tasks, such as drywall installation, electrical work, and interior finishing.

Facility Maintenance

Electric scissor lifts play a crucial role in facility maintenance tasks, including lighting installation, HVAC maintenance, and ceiling repairs. They allow maintenance crews to work at height securely, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in commercial and industrial buildings.

Retail and Commercial Settings

Scissor lifts find applications in retail stores, shopping malls, and commercial buildings for signage installation, decoration, and maintenance. They are highly suitable for indoor use, providing efficient solutions for various maintenance and remodeling projects.

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Scissor lifts to rent from Luqman Equipment Rental
Brand & Model GENIE (5390RT)
Working Height 18.00 m
Platform Capacity 680 kgs
Machine Weight 6241 Kgs.
Machine Dimension (length x width) 4.88 m x 2.29 m
Machine Height (Rails Folded) 2.27 m
Power Type Diesel
Platform Dimension (length x width) 3.98 m x 1.83 m
Platform Extension 2.74 m

GENIE 5390RT ( Download PDF )

Brand & Model JLG (4045R)
Working Height 13.96 m
Platform Capacity 320 kgs
Machine Weight 3175 Kgs.
Machine Dimension (length x width) 2.71 m x 1.15 m
Machine Height (Rails Folded) 1.92 m
Power Type Battery
Platform Dimension (length x width) 2.43 m x 1.15 m
Platform Extension 0.90 m

JLG 4045R ( Download PDF )

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